Grippy Pad Phone Car Holder

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Forget about expensive and obtrusive device stands, the Grippy Pad offers a simple solution that saves space and makes people's phones and other gadgets easy to access. Devoid of magnets, velcro strips and even sticky adhesives, the Grippy Pad acts like a gecko's feet by holding all sorts of items in place, not just technology.  Drivers cannot risk fumbling for their phone while on the road. The Grippy Pad ensures that this device is conveniently out in the open and can be easily picked up when needed. Made out of an advanced silicone material, the Grippy Pad secures tightly to dashboards.


The Grippy Pad will hold a multiple of gadgets in place--all without a single magnet, velcro strip, or sticky adhesive in sight!  It is PURE MAGIC!!  By some marvel of manufacturing, this advanced silicone material grips about everything from smartphones, iPads to Sat Navs.  Just slap it on your dashboard and place your items on top.  Like magic, they'll be held in place!  Protect your phone and other devices from scratches while traveling in your car.  It is resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight, and it's perfectly at home on your dashboard.  It never needs replenishing.  When the stickiness begins to wear off, just wipe it with a damp towel and it'll be as good as new. Just like that! Simple, classy, practical and MAGICAL!

  • Anti-slip mat for iPhones, Blackberries, iPads, smartphones and other gadgets
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces and anything in between
  • Resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight
  • Made of high quality silicone
  • Easy to clean extremely durable
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Grippy Pad Phone Car Holder.

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